The Organ Yearbook 50 (2021)
The Organ Yearbook 50 (2021)
The demise of the 18th-century organ building tradition of Coastal Flanders
Herausgegeben von Paul Peeters
210 Seiten mit zahlr. Abbildungen. Kart.
ISBN 978-3-89007-929-5
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In this volume of The Organ Yearbook Luc Lannoo portrays the Berger organ builders with whom a tradition in Coastal Flanders came to an end.

Walter Chinaglia has recreated the »organo di legno« at the Silberne Kapelle in Innsbruck and reports about his research and the building process.

João Vaz compares two Masses written in the beginning of the 19th century for the six organs in Mafra.

Marco Orsini-Brescia reveals why the ancient twin organs of the cathedral of Saint James of Compostela are paradigmatic and how the Ecchevaria school of organ making in Galicia was established.

Hans Davidsson shares a new resource for organ research, a database of 18th-century Swedish organs.

Eleanor Smith tells the story of the Moberg brothers organ builders and shows how they set a standard for organ restoration in Sweden in the 20th century.

Frans Jespers portrays the singular Dutch organ builders Smits (19th and 20th centuries) and unravels the mystery of their success.

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