The Organ Yearbook 47 (2018)
The Organ Yearbook 47 (2018)
Claviorgans and the art of basso continuo: new instruments – new performance practices
Herausgegeben von Paul Peeters
192 Seiten mit 105 Abbildungen, Grafiken und Notenbeispielen. Kart.
ISBN 978-3-89007-926-4
75,00 €
This volume of The Organ Yearbook spotlights claviorgans and the art of basso continuo.

Eleanor Smith explores the early claviorgan and its role in accompaniment, whereas the coming about and building details of a brand new claviorgan, built for the ensemble Göteborg Baroque, is described by Joel Speerstra and Magnus Kjellson.

Edoardo Bellotti and Peter van Tour open up new perspectives on the practice of basso continuo by looking with fresh eyes at the theory and practice of counterpoint.

Marc Schaefer presents a less-known member of a famous family of keyboard instrument builders: the remarkably cultivated Frédéric Silbermann, who was a composer, organist, and organ expert as well.

The organ builders Brammertz and Gilman from Kornelimünster (Rhineland) are highlighted as German masters of the triple Tierce by Frans Jespers.

Finally, Paul Peeters unveils the participants’ list for the 1925 ‘Organistentagung’ in Hamburg-Lübeck and investigates who actually attended that conference.