The Organ Yearbook 46 (2017)
The Organ Yearbook 46 (2017)
Danish Organ Art from early 1930s
Herausgegeben von Paul Peeters
180 Seiten mit 54 Abbildungen und Grafiken. Kart.
ISBN 978-3-89007-925-7
75,00 €
This volume of The Organ Yearbook concentrates on Danish organ art from the early 1930s.

Articles by Frans Brouwer and Svend Prip discuss the significance of Marcussen & Søn’s 1931 organ at Nikolaj Konsthal in Copenhagen. Carl Nielsen’s last major work, Commotio (movement) from 1931 received various performances in the Nikolaj Konsthal. Its organ was the ideal instrument for Bine Katrine Bryndorf, when exploring this work and investigating questions related to its performance.

Patrizio Barbieri’s detailed study of the Roman organ c1480–1750 (II) is devoted to developments leading toward the typical ‘Baroque’ stop-list.

Andrea Panfili explores features of organ builder Pietro Pantanella’s work and his preserved instruments.

To highlight the significance of the tuning slot in the 19th century and to call attention to the influence that this tiny device had on the sound aesthetics of the organ after 1850, Paul Peeters presents a history of the device.